Differences and Similarities of the Pregnancy Pillow

A best pregnancy pillows are ideal for feeding your baby in a good position. It is sometimes thought that pregnancy pads only need to be used in breastfed children, but we do not find. Even if you give the bottle, a room chair often appears to have too low is to own good and relaxing to sit and feed simultaneously. One time down wrong is not terrible but are you forced more one day. You get certain problems with your neck and back muscles. A nursing pillow is therefore really a must when a baby!


When you use a small nursing pillow?

A small nursing pillow is designed to use on your lap while feeding. Also, the cushion is used as a head support, for example, in neck pain. Since the pads have a crescent-shaped model, you can put the right pillow lap. Your child is then for the most part on the pad and your arm supports a child also on the pillow. Both pads give a good, firm support.

When you use a large nursing pillow?

The cushion can be used to support during sleep, for example, at the end of pregnancy to support the abdomen. Furthermore, it is intended to be used in feeding. The advantage over a small nursing pillow that you kiss like a horseshoe to lay around you. Therefore sit you upright and do you have enough cushion ‘about’ to put your baby on your lap. You can also use the pillow to put between / your child instance in the box. Even when learning to sit, it can prevent that your child falls over.

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These are the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding pillows general, or precisely what nursing pillow fits them. Is your question not listed? Ask him to feel free in the comments below.

What is a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow is a pillow that is specially designed to provide support to your pregnant body. Even after the birth of your baby, the nursing pillow can be used while feeding the baby. The pillow can help your child to learn to sit up, without the risk of falling.

The term “nursing pillow” is a little tricky. Because what exactly is the difference with a pregnancy pillow (a term you may also well have come online against)? Well, I can be very brief about this: nothing! The terms are often used interchangeably but mean the same thing: a pillow that offers comfort to mom and child before and during delivery. “Power Cushion” is used most often, which is why I used that term in this article.

Is pregnancy pillow hypoallergenic?

The changes in your body during pregnancy can make you more sensitive to materials and fiber, which you did not suffer from this, okay huh … * sigh *.

A hypoallergenic diet cushion can prevent certain allergic reactions. If you go for pregnancy already was suffering from as asthma or allergies, a hypoallergenic diet kiss indispensable.

Why is a pregnancy pillow not enough?

An ordinary cushion provides some support, but it will never be as comfortable as a nursing pillow. Your body is changing, and a regular pad will not change it. The need for change to support your body, thus requiring a new pillow that fills that need.

Are you satisfied with your pillows? Then you do not need a nursing pillow. Please note that you will experience physical discomforts, it is advisable to delve into food pads.

Do I need a nursing pillow?

Not sure whether you need a nursing pillow? No problem! If you recognize yourself in the following paragraphs, a nursing pillow is definitely for you!

  • A collection of pillows – you use multiple pillows at night to sleep comfortably.
  • Get up with pain – you have problems with your hips, spine, lower back or other body parts when you get up in the morning?
  • Back or stomach sleeper – you lie preferably on your stomach or back.
  • Medical problems – you are suffering from medical conditions such as sciatica.

Yes? Do you recognize yourself? A nursing pillow can make your life a bit more pleasant

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